Automatic Water Feeders

Steam Boiler Automatic Water Feeder's

There are many heating companies that offer automatic water feeders for steam boilers and tell the homeowner they do not have to maintain the water level anymore. This could be no further from the truth. My common response when asked if they can ignore going down to look at the water level in the gage glass if they have an auto feeder my answer is "NO". An automatic water feeder is for emergency use only.  When no one is around to look at the water level due to vacations, illnesses, empty homes, etc. The boiler water level should always be kept at the normal water level (NWL) that the manufacturers suggests. They all print this in their installation manuals.
There are many different types of automatic water feeders available today. The different types include electric, electronic and mechanical feeders. There are also different feed rates for these products. Some feed as low as 1 gpm and some much faster. Feeders are designed for residential products, commercial products and some for either. When choosing an automaic water feeder you will want to match it to the proper Low Water Cut Off (LWCO). For example, you would match an electronic feeder with an electronic LWCO and an electric feeder with a float type LWCO.
There are feeders out there that you can program to bring how long it feeds to get back to the NWL. Residentially I prefer these over the other types if the owner cannot get to the basement to look at the water level. The water level will still drop below the optimul operation level but when the LWCO activates the automatic water feeder it will feed to the NWL. This is done by adjusting dip switches.
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